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Picking the Right Loan Officer - Does it make a difference?

The short answer: yes! Most people spend a great deal of time choosing the right real estate agent; they ask for referrals, read reviews, and check references before trusting their real estate transaction with just any agent. Yet these same people often work with the first loan officer they speak with, assuming that anyone can handle their needs.

The fact is, obtaining a mortgage is more involved than ever before, and feeling comfortable and confident is important to a successful outcome. With a myriad of loan programs available, it’s critical to have the confidence that your loan officer has the necessary experience and your best interests at heart. Key Traits of a Professional Loan Officer:

• They listen to your needs and take the time to ask questions pertaining to your financial situation and goals.

• They are easy to talk to and easy to reach with questions.

• They have a solid reputation with references and reviews available.

• They offer you a variety of loan options and can explain the differences.

• They explain the loan process clearly and can articulate how they will guide you each step of the way.

• They can offer advice to raise your credit score, if necessary.

• They are patient and willing to answer all your questions, call you back promptly, and can articulate how to navigate challenges when they come up during the process.

Finding the right loan officer is just as important—perhaps more so—as finding the right real estate agent. Your loan will have a long-term impact on your finances and choosing the best loan is critical to your financial health. The right loan officer not only guides you through the mortgage process, but ensures you get the best possible option for your needs.



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