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5 Tips for Buying Your First Family Home

Buying your first home is the first step in putting down roots for your family. Home is the place where the family gathers to share memories, celebrate birthdays, and raise children. More than just a building, a home is a feeling, and finding the right one for your family is an important decision.

Every family is unique and the right home will reflect this individuality. A single person or childless couple might be searching for a modern, urban loft; a family of 5 with kids might want a 4-bedroom home in the suburbs, and most likely a spacious yard. With so many options, the following tips will help you find the right home for you and your family.

5 Tips for Buying Your First Home

1. Room to Grow – A home doesn’t necessarily need a lot of square footage to feel spacious. Watch for an open floorplan and invest in some outdoor space which can become an extension to the living space.

2. Safe Environment – Both the home and community need to offer safety and security. Check public crime rates and utilize sites like Megan’s Law to research the area.

3. Schools – If you have children, the schools your kids will attend must be a top

priority. Consider both public and private schools when evaluating the neighborhoods.

4. Family Lifestyle – Understand the kind of lifestyle you and your family enjoy. Find a home that offers easy access to these activities including gyms, shopping, recreation, and other needs.

5. Plan for the Future – Give some serious thought to the future of your family and what their needs might become as they grow. Is this your long-term home or are you only planning to stay 3-5 years? Use this information to guide your purchase decision as well.

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